punkprincess19 (punkprincess19) wrote,

Meghan Christine Fox

Meghan, our friendship is so strong that we literally overcame everything together. We share secrets that no one else will ever understand. We grew from dorky *NSYNC fans to concert rats and travel buddies together. You started off as my best friend 13 years ago but I can honestly say that this year you were officially my older sister and go to for EVERYTHING. We had so many plans for the future and I’m devastated we can’t do it all together now. I wanted you to be in my wedding, and the godmother to my firstborn. You were my biggest supporter and you loved me unconditionally. Now I can’t ever delete my facebook because I will lose the comments like this:
Meghan Fox your awesomeness never ceases to amaze! love you bunches!!
April 23 2012 at 6:35pm · Like · 1
You truly left us too young. Your dreams and aspirations were inspiring to me and you had the potential to change the world. Everyday you made my life better and gave me tremendous strength to overcome my own obstacles.
I’ve been reading our old journals and don’t think you’d mind me sharing this entry.
2004.02.22 16.11
yeah i feel so old :s lol maybe it's b/c everyone keeps saying "wow, you;re so old now, we can't be friends anymore!" ahh me and kat had a nice clean-fest this morning err... at 12:30 lol meh that's morning in the fox residence *shrugs*
yeah surprisingly it didn't take us long, i still have my room to finish but i'm feeling too lazy so screw that hippie. With the left over time me and kat started playing w, the streamers we decorated my room lol. it looks so festive i'm thoroughly impressed, and i'm seriously conidering design school because of this :). thx for helping me realize my artistic talent hun :)
boo stayed on for it and got well acquainted with everyone :) made me happy ... hence the smilage. lol i wish he could have been there do hear our drunken karyoke but hey it's all good and maybe he'll be here in time to hear our olde english screamo band perform * hey nonny NONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY* lol
aww i'm a huge fan of last night i have the best friends ever*insert sappy love song here* , seriously thanks for everything last night, i hope you all had a good time , it really made of the shitty week *muah* love you all
buenos nahcos and muy <3
Meghan, you will be remembered always for your wit and big heart. You are the most thoughtful person I know and I will forever miss your face.
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